DemAlliance Political Resolution

14:07, 16.12.2017


The political party DemAlliance calls on President Petro Poroshenko to stop the corruption counterrevolution that jeopardizes European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. The President’s intentions to compromise anti-corruption reforms could lead to destabilisation of the country.

The party DemAlliance strongly condemns the politics of the President and the ruling majority with respect to:

  • destroying NABU through unprecedented investigations on representatives of all political camps at the highest posts;
  • making the law enforcement bodies - General Prosecutor Office,  Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service of Ukraine  - political instruments for the persecution of opponents and destroying small and medium business;
  • sabotage of establishing of the Anti-Corruption Court;
  • delaying of the electoral reform and preserving the Central Electoral Commission composition of Yanukovich times;
  • neutralization of the State Bureau of investigations due to the appointment of the dependent management;
  • throwback in state service reform, because of which the President started the preparation for the presidential elections
  • deterioration of the conditions for the civil society activities.


This is just a part of the challenges Ukraine is overcoming right now. Meanwhile, we stress that over the next one year and a half before the presidential and parliamentary elections, further rolling back of the reforms and destroying of the institutions, which put current political regime under tangible danger of losing power, will take place.

The party Demalliance calls on democratic political powers and civil society to unite around the protection of NABU as one of the main achievements of post-Maidan Ukraine, around the demand of the establishment of the Anti-corruption Court, implementation of the electoral reform, restriction of the parliamentary immunity and introduction of the effective mechanism of the President’s impeachment.

The party DemAlliance calls on the democratic political powers and civil society to support the strongest single democratic and pro-european candidate for the presidential elections, who will become the alternative to counter revolution in Ukraine. Such choice should be based on the readiness of leader to put in place real changes, on  transparent financing of his/her activities, decency and prepared effective, inclusive and ready to implement program of reforms.

The party DemAlliance repeatedly calls on President Petro Poroshenko to reject from running for the second mandate because of being a person, who heads the corruption in the state. Ukrainian society that has paid a high price for bringing down Yanukovych regime and keeps on paying it in the war with Russia, deserves for a better future.


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