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Democratic Alliance Appealed To The Donetsk City Council To Condemn Separatism And Recognize The Central Authority

17:31, 05.03.2014

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Due to the current social and political situation in Donetsk, the local team of the political party Democratic Alliance appealed to the Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Lukyanchenko and to the elected deputies of the Donetsk City Council.

Democratic Alliance calls for urgent measures to stabilize the social and political situation in Donetsk to prevent civil war ignition and dissolution of the integrity of Ukraine. The full text of the appeal is set forth below.

"We place a responsibility for the events during the last three months in Donetsk upon the local authority, which has been supporting ignition of separatist sentiments in the region, encouraged and did not inhibit the activities of pro-Russian organizations since 2004. 

The Donetsk local government, including the deputies of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party, did not recognize the central authority in Kiev, which resulted in creating a favorable environment  for interventions and separatist activities of the Russian Federation citizens in Donetsk. 

How can a foreign state recognize and accept the Ukrainian central authority, unless the local government considers legitimate the central authority.

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Therefore Democratic Alliance urges prudence and a tough stance on critical issues, such as:

- to address the citizens of Donetsk with a statement that the top priority of today is to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine and to prevent separatism,

- to publicly condemn manifestations of separatism and actions leading to the dissolution of the country, which are exercised by pro-Russian organizations in Donetsk,

- to abolish the decision of the City Council to support separatist claims against the new central authority, along with the demand to the Donetsk Regional Council to hold a referendum on the future of the Donbass, as contributing to the destruction of the integrity of Ukraine,

- to recognize the central government in Kiev as the only legitimate authority in the country,

- to publicly support and contribute to the peaceful 5 March protest in Donetsk “For the United Ukraine” and against separatism,

- to urge mayors of the Donetsk region to prevent and discourage, in all legal means, separatist speeches, slogans and appeals,

- to address the city police department and the SBU (The Security Council of Ukraine) with the requirement to detain leaders and activists of separatist political parties and organizations, such as NGO “Donetsk Republic” and a self-appointed governor Pavel Gubarev, who claims to “have been supported by people”,

- to prevent provocations aimed at civil strife and possible murders of Russian speaking citizens in Ukraine, of Russian citizens residing in Ukraine, as well as of prominent representatives of the Ukrainian government, community leaders, activists culture, and religious leaders, being aware that provocations can be allegedly performed by titushkas (radical aggressive activists), or by “Russian tourists” (Russians traveling to Ukraine to organize or take part in separatist protests), or by Russian special forces teams deployed in Ukraine,

- to set up a 24 hour press center at the City Council to expose the lies of the Russian propaganda, such as “massive outflow of Ukrainian refugees” to Rostov and Belgorod oblasts in Russia, claimed “negotiations” between the leader of the Radical pro-Euromaidan Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh and a Chechen Islamist militant in Russia Doku Umarov, “100% support” of the Russian troops deployment in Ukraine by russian speaking people in the Donbass,

- to dismiss the Secretary of the Donetsk City Council Sergiy Bogachyov for contributing to the ignition of separatist sentiments in Donetsk and therefore facilitating regional destabilization.

In these difficult days, we urge you to demonstrate outmost commitment to the integrity of Ukraine and security of the civilians in the region.”

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